Artis Procurement: Specialisms

At Artis Procurement we focus purely on Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain recruitment – it’s all we do. To help provide the very best service our business is divided into the following specialisms:


Strategic direction and business priorities are set at leadership level. Our Leadership practice provides consultative recruitment solutions, focusing on the business drivers and cultural landscape behind the hiring requirement. We ensure the candidates we recommend offer a strong technical fit and, importantly, are also right for your specific business needs, your culture and your people


Whether you’re a large organisation or not, the likelihood is that you will require specialist skills / talent in a range of areas. Our Specialist practice provides Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain experts across all industries / sectors from manufacturing to retail, on either an interim or permanent basis.


For the retail world your buying, supply chain and merchandising functions will often be the heartbeat of your business… without product at the right price, right quantity and right time business will be a struggle! We ensure the candidates have specific product, source location or supplier knowledge to ensure your business continues to grow.


Alongside niche specialisms most Procurement, Purchasing or Supply Chain functions include some form of general support or administrative resource, be this via a Shared Service setup or a smaller more generalist team. Our Operations & Support practice recruits for these disciplines.